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izzy (she/her)
bodypiercer since 2014

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Isabelle - professional bodypiercer in Berlin

Hiya, my name is Isabelle and I am thrilled to have joined the nakedsteel Team.

Originally I am from Belgium but I have lived in the US for many years.

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with piercings and tattoos. Needless to say, 

I was pretty excited when my piercing adventure finally started in 2014. Most of my piercing skills I learned from bodypiercer Nathan Peterson (Nathan's Tattoos & Piercing) and piercer Roger "Rabbit" Rodriguez (Ancient Adornments) back in Los Angeles.

As a piercer you're never done learning and improving your skills. Doing workshops and attending piercing conferences like APP Vegas, help me do that. I'm a member of the APP.

Piercing to me is like an art form. It's beautification of the body...

Hopefully I will see you soon to get some cool piercings done!

Accompaniments in the room are fine for me if they don't interfere with the piercing process.


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