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großer punch

Ear Piercing Nakedsteel Berlin


In the ear cartilage you can decide whether you want to have your piercing pierced with a needle or punched.

When punching
, a piece of tissue is removed in a circle, just like with a biopsy punch. This sounds quite scary and painful, but it is not. In punching, 1-1.5mm of tissue is removed with a "prick" and the circular piece of jewellery is inserted into the circular wound.  

A needle only displaces tissue, which is why the pressure from the jewellery on the cartilage is bigger and piercing as well as healing can be perceived as more unpleasant. A punch contracts again after the jewellery is removed, just like a needle. The scar remains the same in the small sizes.

In the flat, scapha and conch areas, larger pieces of cartilage can also be removed to allow a look through. These holes remain after healing, but can also narrow.

Not every person on our team punches every piercing, if it is important to you that your piercing is punched, contact us in advance (Daith and Industrial is rarely done as a punch).

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