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Nipple Piercing Nakedsteel Berlin


- with pronounced nipples, no anatomy check is necessary (pronounced means that the nipple comes out well during erection and also protrudes in a relaxed state).
- does not work for every anatomy, small, flat, inverted nipples: anatomy check necessary, here a decision can also be made on the basis of a picture
- depending on nipple shape, diagonal angle makes more sense (not every nipple is round, with oval nipples a horizo
ntal angle is often associated with complicated healing)
- on this page you can see different forms of nipples 
- first use: straight barbell with attachment of your choice (at least 4mm)
- needs a shorter bar after the swelling phase
- ring/chain only possible after complete healing
- scar is usually inconspicuous
- breastfeeding is possible despite nipple piercing (jewellery must be removed urgently)
- bra or not is entirely your decision (better cotton than synthetic)

- if you have hairy breasts, shave before piercing

Healing time: 9-12 months

Aftercare instructions

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