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With the field "manage your booking" you can also change or cancel your bookings yourself. All you need to do is register with your e-mail address.

If you still have questions, please send us a message to

Please read our GTC before booking your appointment. Our GTC do not only regulate the legal part, under §5 you can see under which circumstances we can NOT pierce you. So we can avoid as far as possible that we only notice at your appointment that you unfortunately leave the studio without a new piercing and we can avoid unnecessary costs for you.

Everything you need to know for piercing under 18 you will also find in our GTC.
The form, which you need for the second legal guardian, you can find

Unfortunately, due to illness, we cannot guarantee that you will be treated by the person you booked with.

If you definitely don't want to be treated at someone else's, please make a note of this in your booking and we'll do our best!

not every piercing person wants to have companions in the room, if it is necessary for you to take someone with you, check in advance with whom companions are permitted (team/guests)


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