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With us you get next to the piercing of piercing extensive service in the form of free consultation, aftercare, troubleshooting and use of jewelry purchased from us. We are constantly working to increase our jewelry selection. Are you looking for a special piercing jewelry, we will take care to get you this in a high quality. Of course, you can also buy vouchers from us.


For the first use, we only use pieces of jewelry that do not negatively affect healing. Our standard jewelry for a fresh piercing is always made of implantable, biocompatible titanium and the screw caps with internal thread. So we rule out that when a jewelry change the stitch channel is injured by the thread and it can fix in this no germs.

We also offer jewelry made of hand-polished titanium, also with synthetically produced opals, semi-precious stones or Swarovski zirconias, which are also suitable for initial use and are recommended by us. In the high-end range, you also have the option to opt for a threadless locking system. In addition, we work with materials such as niobium, gold and glass.

If you liked one of our niobium or titanium pieces very much, but you are not a fan of "silver" colored jewellery, then that's no problem at all. The process of anodizing allows us to change the color of the metal in the studio. Whether green, blue, bronze or "rose gold", forty different colors are possible!


You have the possibility in the cartilage area to put your piercing in different sizes with a biopsy punch.

When piercing with the needle, the cartilage tissue is displaced, which usually causes a higher pressure sensitivity during the healing process is felt. When punching the cartilage tissue is removed, which usually puts less pressure through the jewelry on the tissue and the healing is pleasant. This procedure can also be used on small sizes, and if the jewelry is removed, the scar is no bigger than the scar by the classic technique with the needle.

If you are interested in body modifications such as tongue splits, implants or magnets, just contact us.

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