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Children lobes from 7

Children often ask for earlobe piercings from a very early age. Unfortunately, these are not always done professionally, especially when they are done with a gun.

As a professional piercing studio, we initially offer consultation appointments for children with their parents from the age of 7-10. The piercing appointments cannot be booked, these are only arranged after the consultation in the studio. It is very important to us that the children know what it means to be pierced and also that a piercing is always associated with some pain.
The piercing appointment can't take place on the same day as the consultation appointment (from 7-10) and we reserve the right to refuse the piercing if we feel that it is not yet the right time.
From 11 on, the consultation is not mandatory.

In our terms and conditions under paragraph 5 you can see which documents must be brought to the consulatation.

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