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Floating Navel Piercing Nakedsteel Berlin
Navel Piercing Nakedsteel Berlin


- does not work for every anatomy, anatomy check necessary, here a decision can often be made on the basis of a picture in sitting, standing & lying position.
- not every navel is the same, there are nails that are a so-call
ed floating navel (here the focus is more on the upper attachment, the one below is usually only slightly visible or not at all)
- can grow out, depending on the anatomy
- specifics: tight clothing such as high waist trousers must be avoided; avoid contact with foreign metals (belt buckles, press studs, zips) during healing (otherwise contact allergies can occur with open wounds).
- Initial use: curved barbell
- after healing, a
ring can be worn, depending on the anatomy
- needs a shorter bar after the swelling phase
- usually needs to be shortened from time to time over the years
- usually forms larger scars

- for minors: if your parents are much taller than you and a growth spurt is expected, please wait with the piercing, otherwise it can change its position.
- sports: avoid everything that strains, stretches or presses the abdomen for as long as possible (at least 10-12 weeks).

- pregnancy: should be removed after large growth & can usually be reinserted after pregnancy.

Healing time: 9-12 months


Aftercare instructions

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