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FAQ - Booking

I can't find the piercing appointments and only see consultations and troubleshoots.

- Our booking system uses a slider menu, which you can click on under "our services".


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Can I be pierced directly during a consultation?
- No. A consultation appointment lasts 15 minutes, a piercing appointment 45 minutes. If you have any questions in advance, please feel free to call us or send us an email.


Why do I need an anatomy check?
- Not every piercing can be pierced on every anatomy. This includes ear (Rook, Industrial, Forward Helix, Anti-Tragus, Daith), eyebrow, bridge, lip band, Medusa/Philtrum, nipple, belly button, intimate piercing (frenum, labia, inner and outer, Christina/Venus mound, clitoral hood vertical and horizontal, Triangle), surface and dermal anchor. We always take a lot of time for our customers, so we plan 45 minutes for a piercing appointment. If your piercing cannot be carried out and you have no alternative, we lose the time in which another person could be pierced. If you have an alternative that works for every anatomy (helix, nostril, conch, septum, there are exceptions here too,...) you do not need a check. You can always send us a picture in advance, often we can make a good assessment based on it. Anatomy checks must be one day before your piercing appointment so that we can close a possible gap.

We only pierce anatomies that we feel are safe to pierce.

Is one appointment enough for two piercings?
- Yes, it is! If you want to have two piercings of the same kind, just book the respective category. If you want two different piercings, book "two of a different kind".

Can two people be pierced in one appointment?
- No, except in the category "with a friend". Here, one piercing can be pierced on each person. If you would like more piercings or if you are more than one person, it is best to call us.

Can I bring a companion to the appointment?
- Yes, you are welcome to do so. However, depending on which room is allocated for your piercing, it may unfortunately be that the person cannot come in for the piercing.

I would like to book with a specific person. How can I do that?
- In our booking tool, a person can be selected on the page where the calendar is displayed:




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