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Jewellery shipping of high quality piercing jewellery

Are you looking for high-quality and unique piercing jewelry, you can change your bodyjewellery yourself, but you are not from Berlin?

Although Berlin is always worth a trip and it is of course an experience to browse through our showcases, we can also send jewellery.

Just contact us via Instagram , Facebook or email and send us pictures of the desired piece of jewellery and your size. You can find a selection of our jewellery in our Instagram feed and highlights (can also be viewed without an account).


We have piercing jewellery from NeoMetal , Industrial Strength , LeRoi , BVLA , norVoch , Junipurr Jewelry , Maya Jewelry , Buddha Jewelry and others.

We can order everything that we don't have in stock!
Jewellery can be shipped EU-wide.

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