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rodolfo (he/him)
bodypiercer since 2012

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ro, piercer nakedsteel

My name is Rodolfo, or more simply, Ro.
I'm from Chile and I've been living in Berlin for 11 years.

My own fascination with piercing started when I was 6 years old and since 2012 I was allowed to use it as a body piercer.

My career started at CNX, here and there I was allowed to help out at Titanen, the last four years before Covid I was an self-employed piercer at Für Immer.

Due to the pandemic, I had a break.

From 2023, with much honour, I am part of the nakedsteel team.

I prefer to work when nobody is looking over my shoulder, which is why I do not allow any accompanying persons in the room (exception: children's ear piercings).

I look forward to implementing your cool ideas.

See you soon,


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