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linda (she/her)
piercingshop management


My name is Linda and I work mainly in the nakedsteel piercingstudio back office. In September 2022 I was allowed to take over the commercial management and I am happy about the administration and organisation of all operational issues and the accounting area.

My passion around the possibilities of change on my own body showed me the way very early, so not without reason I had pierced myself with snakebite piercings in the church toilet before school at the age of 13 (please don't imitate :D).

In my home country of Switzerland, I completed an extended commercial education and gained a professional foothold in operations and project management. With accumulated work experience and a great interest in overall business contexts, I studied business administration for three years while working.

Now I have finally arrived where my heart is and where I can contribute my knowledge; at the wonderful nakedsteel piercingstudio with the best team!

From time to time I can also be found behind the counter in the piercingstudio in Berlin and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all!

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