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maria (she/her)
piercer since 2015


Maria was born in Spain and has been living in Berlin for over 6 years.


She started her piercing career in 2015 and has attended various piercing conferences around the world to continue her education.

Maria is available for you in our studio in German, English and Spanish. 

Friends & family in the room: yes

guest piercer
since 2019

dom (he/him)
piercer since 2015


guest piercer
since 2022

Hello everyone! I'm Dominik, originally from Diez an der Lahn and a piercer since around 2015. The fascination for body art crystallised for me relatively early on and I therefore immediately seized the opportunity when I was offered training as a piercer in Oldenburg. Since then, this profession has taken me through Germany, Switzerland and then to England, where I have been running my own studio RONIN BODY ARTS since 2021. I am also doing a correspondence course in psychology on the side. I appreciate the nakedsteel, Tanja, Enrico and everyone else in the company not only professionally but also privately and am therefore also very honoured to be invited repeatedly.

I speak German & English.
Friends & family in the room: yes

laura (she/her)
piercer since 2002


Laura was born in 1984 and has been piercing full-time since 2002.

Since 2017 she no longer works in a permanent studio, but travels all over Germany as a guest piercer.

She is involved in the BMXnet and is therefore also represented at conferences every year.

She has been living in Berlin since 2022.

Friends & family in the room: not during the process of the piercing, before and afterwards; yes

guest piercer
since 2023

cat (they/them)
Piercer since 2018

Cat - Professionelle*r Piercer*in

guest piercer
since 2022

I started piercing in 2017 after attending the international BMXnet conference and training for the first time, which I have enjoyed attending every year since then. I learned for four years from Andrea Venhaus at Deep Metal Piercingstudio in Dortmund. But you never stop learning and so in February 2022 I became part of the nakedsteel team in Kassel.
Since then I have completed the advanced training for instrument preparation and hygiene management in the piercing studio and also attended the largest piercing conference (APP) in Las Vegas for the first time together with our team.

Body jewellery and body modifications have fascinated me for a long time. I got my first piercing before I was 13 years old. My parents were both pierced to a greater or lesser extent; because of this and my love of the black scene, it was inevitable that I would deal with the subject of body modification and piercing as a young person.


I speak German & English.

Friends & family in the room: yes

hika (they/them)
piercer since 2009

Hika_Gast-Artist_nakedsteel Berlin.jpeg

guest piercer
since 2021

Born and raised in Berlin, I did my first internship in a piercing studio in 2009, learned continuously from there on and did my "training" as a piercer in 2010. From 2011 onwards, I regularly attended the BmXnet Conference, and from 2014 onwards, I also attended the Association of Professional Piercers Conference in Las Vegas every year. The contacts I made there enabled me to travel the world and look over the fingers of top piercers in their studios in order to constantly expand my knowledge.
Throughout my career I had booked myself into studios in Berlin, but the desire to travel had always taken hold of me, which is why I had spent the majority of my career as a guest piercer throughout Germany, as well as in France and Denmark.
My interest in piercings has existed since I was 12 years old, which developed more and more into an interest in the body as a medium of art and politics, as a vehicle for self-determination and self-creation, also through my brief time in the transhumanism scene and performance artist.
Currently, I only work outside of Berlin on rare occasions and am only a guest piercer as I focus more on my jewellery company Queen of the Ashes Jewelry.

I speak German and English.

Friends & family in the room: yes

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