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Welcome to our piercing-studio

in Berlin-Friedrichshain!

We, the nakedsteel bodypiercing, are a pure piercing studio, that means for you, that everything revolves around piercings. We are based in Berlin, Germany and our main focus is to provide you, the customer, with the best possible piercing service so that we can fulfill your wishes together. Of course, only as long as they are feasible. We know that piercing is usually associated with some fear of the pain. We want to take this fear with empathy, comprehensive advice and an exquisite piercing jewellery


We want you to feel comfortable with us and want you to come back. We are an LGBTQIA* and POC-friendly piercing studio, so everyone is welcome!

In order for us to fully cater to you, we ask that you book a piercing appointment for your visit. We cannot offer walk-in services (this includes piercing jewellery purchases and consultations). Please feel free to ask us any questions by phone or email.

Of course we invite you to take a walk through our homepage, you can also take a virtual tour through the piercing studio.

(you actually wanted to go to our piercing studio in Kassel? then click here)

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