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 perfect secret - blood pendant

selection of Perfect Secrets - blood pendant
Prozedur eines Perfect Secrets - Blutanhänger

Are you looking for a very special gift for your favourite person?Then we have a perfect idea for you. With a Perfect Secret you can have some blood taken. Don't worry, it's just a small stitch. Your blood will then be filled by us into a glass vial, which is held by another piece of jewellery. You can choose both in our studio. If you have already seen something special online, write us a message and we will get the selected piece for you, also special designs are possible! To see what jewellery options there are, take a look here.
The blood will be processed by us so that it stays nice red in the selected vial and you get a guarantee from us for that! For the procedure, please book an appointment.
So you can pass on a part of yourself to a loved one and intensify your connection even further.


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