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noah [aoife] (they/them)
apprentice since 2020

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aoife - piercing apprentice

Hi! I'm Noah (former known as Aoife), the apprentice at nakedsteel. I can already do most of the piercings on my own. You can book these easily via our calendar.

I've always had a fascination in piercing and body mods, but only a few years ago realized that it can be more than just an interest.


After a few years of dabbling in piercings, I decided that I want to take it further and learn in a professional context.


I'm fascinated by the endless variations of anatomy and how to work with this as a piercer.

From a personal perspective, I think piercing is an awesome way for people to take or express ownership over their bodies, and I want to help provide an environment where people feel safer in doing that. This combined with the chance to learn from the piercers here makes me very excited for what comes next!


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